Alexandra Soveral

Established in 2005, Soveral is based on the belief that skincare should be focused on skin health by way of supporting its metabolic functions; thus all treatments and products are for the purpose of creating the best possible environment for skin the thrive.

The Soveral Founders, Alexandra Soveral and Jorj Aleem are still the soul of the brand, which has become much respected for its quality, sustainability and for offering natural and effective skincare solutions.

What makes Soveral unique is that Alexandra comes from a science background, yet sees nature as a fountain of endless solutions to all ailments. Alexandra has dedicated the last 20 years to research into the biochemistry of what relates to skin through a holistic viewpoint; Soveral skincare and treatments are a reflection of this research.

To this day, Alexandra hand blends each batch, seeing ingredients transform from their raw forms to the finished product on the shelf. This meticulous method honours the purity of the ingredients used in our products, where low temperatures are needed to preserve the natural bioavailability of vitamins, nutrients and the life-force of the active extracts.

Soveral has ensured that its packaging & manufacturing processes have minimal impact on the environment. With careful and sustainable design it remains recyclable, non-toxic and for the most part biodegradable. Soveral continues to stay current whilst driving forward but never veering from its core beliefs and values.

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