Q&A with the Founder and Owner of luxury skincare brand Alexandra Soveral

Q&A with the Founder and Owner of luxury skincare brand Alexandra Soveral

Established in 2005, Alexandra Soveral has become much respected for its quality, sustainability and for offering natural and effective skincare solutions. Alexandra has dedicated the last 20 years to researching the biochemistry of sustainable skincare.

We caught up with Owner and Founder, Alexandra Soveral, to find out what inspired her passion for creating the best possible environment for skin the thrive.

Photo credit: The Times

What influenced you to create the brand Alexandra Soveral?

The love for nature, science and well-being. As a child, I would macerate flowers, herbs, bark and all other kinds of natural stuff. I used to pretend I had a magic laboratory with healing potions in it. Once I grew up, I realised that the skincare industry did not have much to offer in terms of skin health. I wanted to fill this gap but could not do it alone, so I invited Jorj Aleem to join me on this adventure.

What inspired you to work in Beauty?

The industry I see myself working in is not so much beauty, but natural health. The connection between us and the healing power of nature weakens with every generation. We need to use science in innovative and responsible ways to reveal the wonders of natural compounds. Skincare is a great place for this work, and I find this endlessly inspiring.

Based on your own experience, what advice would you have for people wanting to get into your industry, or start a business of their own?

Discover what is it that you are truly passionate about. You will spend most of your time working on it or thinking about it, so you must truly believe in it.

Do you have a favourite product from your collection?

Angel Balm is my desert island product. I would use it as a moisturiser, cleanser, sunburn soothing, and for insect bites and all sorts of rashes. Most of all, I would just enjoy a little luxury.

What do you love most about being positioned in St John’s Wood?

It’s a vibrant place to be! The high street has life and character, the locals all have cute dogs and there’s a multicultural mix of people. We are also excited about the development of the paved street extension and all the new restaurants and new shops soon to open.

What are the key ingredients for maintaining good skin?

Plant oils offer the skin much-needed short-chain fatty acids and bioavailable vitamins, all of which are the building blocks of good healthy skin. Some people have had discouraging experiences with oils, that’s possibly due to having had the wrong oil. We must first assess which nutrients the skin is lacking to match it with the most beneficial oil. This is why we created a full Blend Bar at the store where we custom blend face and body oils.

What would you say has been the key to your brand’s success?

Nowadays it appears that success is all about good marketing, but I believe that can only carry you so far. Long-term success lies in the quality of product and service you offer, and this is what we have invested in.

What makes your products different from other skincare brands?

When you use our products, you instantly realise they are different from everything else. The skin acknowledges and receives it in a very natural way, just like when you eat a healthy meal and you feel your body thanking you for it.

Why do you prefer to work with natural ingredients?

Synthetic ingredients tend to have very small molecules that are absorbed into the body through the skin, this can be toxic. Also, their production is an environmental issue. Natural ingredients, when responsibly sourced, are in harmony with the body and the planet. When well formulated, their health benefits can go beyond skincare.