Halloween in St John’s Wood

Halloween in St John’s Wood

What’s on offer in St John’s Wood Street this Halloween season? From the food, the decoration’s and finishing with what to wear, follow our spooky suggestions to enter into the perfect Halloween mood.



Treats and Pumpkins at Panzer’s Deli





The Panzer’s Deli patisserie chef creates absolutely delicious Spooky Halloween cookies. They also offer you the possibility to get beautiful pumpkins to carve to decorate your home or your garden with!



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Pumpkins photo by @canderamundo


Leonidas Halloween Balls





Sour cherries or pumpkins and orange milk chocolates? Leonidas Halloween balls will thrill little and big monsters!



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Spooky goodies at GAIL’s Bakery





Of course you can enjoy good bread at GAIL’s Bakery but they are also making ghoulish goodies for Halloween!



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Original outfits at Paulie





Not into Halloween costume, but you always like adding an original touch to your look at the Halloween party? Pass by Paulie shop, and get the most contemporary pieces you can find!


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