Our Continued Support

Our Continued Support

As a popular area to visit, live and work in London, we are dedicated to providing a safe environment for everyone, and are closely following guidance from World Health Organization, Public Health England and The UK Government to ensure we are reducing risks of spreading COVID-19.

Please be aware that many of our restaurants and retailers in the area offer online shopping and gift vouchers should you not be able to visit the physical store due to closures – we encourage the community to continue to support all of the London retailers and restaurants in any way that is safe for them to do so.

Thank you,

St John’s Wood

Store Initiatives

Essential Retailers Still Open


Lords at Home

Panzer’s Deli

Pereira Newsagents

Rococo Chocolates


Retailers Offering Takeaway Service 

Gails Bakery

Panzers Deli

The Goodlife Eatery

Unico Gelato

Retailers Offering Delivery Service  


The Goodlife Eatery

Unico Gelato

Retailers Offering Virtual Shopping or Classes 

Core Collective


Rigby & Peller