9 Wellness Activities to Enjoy on St John’s Wood High Street

9 Wellness Activities to Enjoy on St John’s Wood High Street

Spa weekends and yoga retreats seem another lifetime ago, but something the last year has taught us is that shopping local and discovering what’s on our doorsteps can be full of wonderful surprises. With spring around the corner, we’re looking to St John’s Wood High Street for all our healthy living essentials. From juice deliveries to motivational home workout videos, many of these brands have been tirelessly working to bring a dose of detox to St John’s Wood throughout lockdown, and are looking forward to welcoming you again in person very soon.

Aside from shopping and at-home deliveries, there are also plenty of local activities to keep you active and occupied. Walks around St John’s Wood Church Garden, the ritual of a take-away coffee, or simply sprucing up your grocery shop with some goodies from Panzer’s Delicatessen are just some of the ways to boost our mental and physical wellbeing while we wait for things to come back to life. So without further ado, here are nine favourite wellness ideas to discover on the High Street right now.

Home workouts from Core Collection

There was serious excitement when the cult boutique gym studio opened in St John’s Wood in 2019. Just because we can’t physically be there yet, we can still enjoy the benefit of a local Core Collective and the community they’ve built up. Tune in remotely to work out from the comfort of your own home, with online classes every day of the week. Throughout the pandemic, their trainers have been offering an exciting programme of signature workouts that you can do anywhere, at any time. From 29th March, fitness trainers are taking it back outside with an exciting schedule of running, bodyweight and HIIT combos every day in the park, setting off from Core Collective’s St John’s Wood studio.

Superfood Salads at Good Life Eatery

Gluten free chocolate chip cookies, anyone? This healthy eatery was created by two friends in 2013 on the firm principle that eating local is often greener than eating organic: they source seasonal ingredients with the lowest possible food miles. The all-day menu is all about things like açai bowls with homemade granola and nut butter, hearty salads of jerk chicken, mashed avocado, kale and jalapenos, and ‘naughty but nice ’chestnut and almond waffles with strawberry compote. If you’re feeling in need of an all-natural immunity boost, their First Aid shot of lemon, echinacea, turmeric and baobab should do the trick. The St John’s Wood High Street cafe remains open for take-away and delivery, and is the perfect stop on a weekend stroll.

Self-Care Trio from FaceGym

The revolutionary FaceGym will be reopening as soon as regulations allow, but as devotees to the facial workout movement will tell you – exercising your face muscles doesn’t stop just for lockdown. The DIY pack includes The Multi-Sculpt, Hyaluronic Roller and Gold Derma Roller, as well as full instructions on how to conduct the high-energy kneading movements from your own home. Above all, it’s a novel activity to do in front of the mirror, and the rollers make a fun addition to your bathroom cabinet.

Goodie Boxes at Space NK

Treating oneself to a few wellbeing goodies doesn’t have to be only for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries: Space NK’s thoughtfully curated ‘Essential boxes ’are the perfect pick-me-up indulgence for a rainy Thursday in lockdown, too. Filled with little luxuries such as a Neom diffuser, Tan-Luxe super-glow SPF30 and Living Proof Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo, it’s also a great way to get to know emerging independent brands.

Channel your energy at Meiji Kickboxing

Another oh-so-cool workout option that’s new to St John’s Wood this year, Meiji Kickboxing is the latest addition to the high street and is looking forward to welcoming locals into the dojo very soon. There will be stamina training and martial arts classes for all levels, including a children’s program for little ones. Located at 62a basement, the new branch of Meiji Kickboxing School is an extension of the original at Henrietta Barnett school, Hampstead, which has operated for 35 years.

Floral Therapy from Dansk

Do flowers count as wellness? We say yes! For what brightens up the monotony of the WFH schedule and adds a sense of joy to your day more than a spontaneous bunch of spring lilies? Leave them on the doorstep of a friend for no reason, or get them as a little I love you gift to yourself. Dansk flowers on the High Street have a click-and-collect and delivery service available, as well as an outside kiosk selling their beautifully arranged bouquets of fresh and dried flowers.

Brighten your smile at Fifty Five A Dentist

As we ease out of lockdown, we can finally address some of the more cosmetic self-care we’ve put to one side – hygienists and non-essential dentist appointments being top of the list. The well-established dental practice at 55a on the High Street has been serving St John’s Wood for over forty years, and has a pampering ambiance that’s more suited to a spa.

Vegan Home Dining from Soutine

Healthy doesn’t always need to mean green juice detoxes: if you’ve decided to extend the good habits of veganuary into the rest of the year, the informal neighbourhood café Soutine has just the ticket. They’ve collated the best of Corbin and King onto their vegan Home Dining menu with dishes such as the Wolseley’s grilled aubergine & sundried tomato vegan ‘schnitzel’ and The Delaunay’s vegan crumble served with almond milk & vanilla bean ‘crème anglaise’, alongside two vegan starters. Filling salads such as their sacrosanct chopped chicken & tarragon can also be ordered at home, and stored in the fridge for 48 hours.

Re-scent your patch with Lords at Home

Smell is the fastest way to transform a room, and can instantly conjure up the atmosphere of a hotel get-away or a beach far away. Lords at Home have an array of scented goodies, such as this True Grace Village wild lime scented candle, and this sandalwood and patchouli reed diffuser from Luna. In the bathroom, splashing out on a gorgeous aromatic hand soap from Compagnie de Provence will make a world of difference to your mood.

Jazz up your Eyewear with Schuller Opticians…

All those months of staring at zoom calls has damaged our vision, so even if you didn’t need glasses before, it’s worth using to check out this time to see if your eyesight has deteriorated. Opticians are open, and glasses don’t have to be purely functional: treat yourself to a pair of designer specs from Schuller, including an exclusive range from Laura Imami Eyewear. The store is open Monday – Saturday 10am – 4pm.

… and Safari & Simon

Just down the road at 62 St John’s Wood High Street you’ll find Safari and Simon. The specialist clinic offers a number of services for adults and children, including advanced eye exams, therapeutic eye care and hearing care. If you’re in a hurry, they offer a priority service allowing people to get same day prescription glasses. This place has some seriously tempting designers on show as well: go in for an eye test, walk out with a pair of Gucci sunnies.